Coquerel’s Sifaka inhabits Ankarafantsika dry deciduous forest

Blacksmith’s bellows are imprints of Indonesian heritage

Experience once in a lifetime the «real Madagascar»

Great Island Adventure Safaris (GIAS), a privately owned ground tour company based in Antananarivo (Madagascar), was established after 14 years experience conducting varieties of tours throughout the country from popular sites to wilderness areas.

We specialize in birding and in adventure safaris such as trekking and canoeing. But we offer a wide variety of package tours and tailor-made tours featured by wildlife, cultural tours, adventure tours, honeymoon trips, beach holidays and Photographic tours.

Our trips are designed for individuals, families, friends, students and groups, suitable for all preferred destinations, interests, needs, budget and aptitude from easy to the most adventurous.

We organize also day tours, transfers, and hotel booking.

Travel with us with difference

GIAS was founded only in 2009, but our excellent experience in the fields and dynamic team allow us to plan for you unique experience and a wide variety of unforgettable tours throughout the country and to the new destinations out of mass tourism.

Our firsthand experiences we gained from several safaris we’ve made throughout the country and in mainland Africa enhance the quality of our product.

We are proud for the quality of services we offer to our clients.

We ensure you that your travel with GIAS is a memorable experience.

Four day canoeing down to Manambolo river

Ferry to Katsepy village, the departure point of Lake Kinkony

Birding in Mantadia national park

Sakalava Rail is one of the rarest bird species

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